Shiver Me Timbers! Joe Ledbetter and The Loyal Subjects walk the plank with the new Pirate Bunny!

 photo piratebunny-joeledbetter.jpg  photo joeledbetter-bunny.jpg
Yarrrrrrr! We got a little sneak peek of this new Chaos Bunny earlier this week... and now Joe Ledbetter's "Pirate" Bunny is ready to set sail! This 10" tall, tattooed, one-eyed, gold-toothed, buccaneer of a bunny is ready for action with his articulating arm and sword. Limited to 700 figures, "Pirate" Bunny will be releasing this Friday, May 10, 2013 at 12noon PST directly from The Loyal Subjects webstore HERE! I absolutely love this version, and wish the others in this series was as detailed as this... and the fact that he comes with a sword... so cool!!! These will retail for $125 each. Yarrrrrrr!

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