MAp-MAp's "Socha" custom King Ken available for sale shortly!

The magic of MAp-MAp enacted upon a 3.5-inch tall King Ken figure, transformed using nothing but sheer talent, epoxy putty and acrylic paint. And this weird construct, "Socha," is known as the "protector of the thumbed four feet, destroyer of the thumbed two feet." This Mecha Kong was…
Built to defend the forests from the two foots Socha has completed it's task perfectly. So perfectly that now it performs more basic tasks, such as shaking fruit trees, digging up Ant colonies. Some may say it now completes all tasks.
This simply stunning one-of-a-kind piece just might crash the internet as people race to MAp-MAp's online shop today (Friday, May 24th, 2013) at 8AM Pacific time to buy the little fella for a mere £105 (approx. $158.50).

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