"Little Bunny Boom Boom" resin from JFury

 photo jfury-bunnyboom-resin-spankystokes.jpg
Justin P. better known as JFury just sent word about a new resin figure release that he has been working on entitled "Little Bunny Boom Boom"! This figure is 4.5" tall and 6.5" wide at the ears... how cool! Justin mention that for this first edition/release he will be putting two colorways up for sale in his store including both "Sea Green" and "Gid"! They will only be available in these colorways for 72 hours starting this Friday, May 24th at 12pm PST, and the sale will end Monday, May 27th at 12pm PST... so he will make however many are ordered within those 3 days... and that's it! Each color will retail for $65 each or you will have the option of buy a combo pack for $115. This figure is deceivingly big... so it's well worth the money!

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