Custom 'Reticulated' G.I. Joe vinyl figures by Carson Catlin

 photo GIJOE_GROUP-carsoncatlin.jpg
Carson Catlin was invited to the upcoming Sub-Urban Vinyl and Tenacious Toys fully-immersive G.I. Joe-themed art show which is going down on May 31, 2013 at Sub-Urban Vinyl’s brand-new Waldwick, NJ store... and above are his custom 'Reticulated' G.I. Joe vinyl figures. I like that you are able to still see the shape of the figures, even though they are cut to bits. Such an odd platform to have a show with, but Carson really did a great job on these pieces... and I like the grungy/weathered paint effect that Carson applied to these... it works well!

The "G.I. Joe Custom Show" group exhibition opens on May 31st with a reception from 4-9PM local time and will be on display until June 7th, 2013 at SubUrban Vinyl, 4 Frederick Street, Waldwick, NJ 07463. Participating artists include: Alison Perez, AVES, Billy Roids, Blazon Brikhaus, Bryan Collins, Cash Cannon, Carson Catlin, ChipSoup, Dave Webb, Dead Hand Toys, DeeTen, Don P, Evilos, Forces of Dorkness, Fuller Designs, Ian Ziobrowski, JFury, JacobJams, Jason Chalker, Jay222, JC Rivera, Joe Scarano, Juan Muniz, Les Schettkoe, Matt A*, Mike Die, Mr. Munk, Nasty Neil, Nati513, NemO, OsirisOrion, Rusted Halo, Shawn Wigs, and Tasha Zimich.

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