Bashprojects's "Hanky Panky the Pirate CapTea" custom Lunartik figure!

Bashprojects continues to bring his immediately recognizable color palate and wonderfully witty sculpted designs to life on designer toys, this time customizing a 3-inch tall Lunartik in a Cup of Tea piece. Remade as a pirate captain setting sail in a tiny pirate ship, this piece is named "Hanky Panky the Pirate CapTea" of course! And, per usual, Bashprojects delivers a wonderful backstory for the custom as well:
Hanky Panky always wanted to be a Pirate. He dreamed of sailing the open seas, plundering ships, drinking rum… living the good life!
But he is just a small boy living in a small town.
One day he decided just to go for it! He build a boat, chopped off his hand, made a hook, took out his left eye, made an eye patch, bought some rum, made a pirate flag and set goodbye to the people of his town.
Hanky Panky went to the beach to set sail. But he noticed something was wrong… his boat was to small for a sail.
Hanky Panky is now a real Pirate Captain! He's floating around in the open sea waiting for a boat to pass him by to plunder.
As opposed to most of the Bashprojects pieces, this one is actually available for sale! You can snag it now from HERE for €115 (approx. $149), shipping included.

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