"Andy Warhol 1928 -1987" custom Android for Mikie Graham's "Mechanized Mad Men" blind box series.

 photo warhol-out-of-bot-with-display.jpg
"I’m afraid that if you look at a thing long enough, it loses all of its meaning."
The father of pop art and the creator of the famed New York factory art scene, Andy Warhol is primarily known as a visual artist; Although in his time Warhol stretched his influence far beyond traditional art into film, television, music and even publishing. Creating an empire on reproducible large silk screened images, Warhol built a world around him that was ripe with the excess of the late 60's and early 70's party scene, while himself being more of a social recluse who preferred to "watch the party from a distance." An obsessive collector Warhol rarely threw anything away, when he died at the age of 58 his New York townhouse was packed full of everything from priceless antiques and art to a mummified human foot! Purposefully walking the line between commercial and fine art, Warhol created not only a unique new art style but an artistic legacy that lives on long past his untimely death.
 photo Warhol.jpg
This is the sixth reveal of the previously announced Mechanized Mad Men, a new blind box series of custom Android figures designed by Mikie Graham and available exclusively through Dragatomi. As you can see, each MMM figure includes a fully customized 3" Android that comes powered by its own (removable) custom Playmobil representation of its creator... and Mikie went all out on each design, and for this particular version, the father of pop art, Andy Warhol, took his art to a whole new level by turning a can of soup into a motorized robot... not really, but in Mikie's world, this Android bot looks quite delicious and well thought out... very creative indeed, and so fitting for Mr. Warhol! These are set to release Wednesday May 15th at Dragatomi.com - stay tuned for tomorrows reveal!

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