The Saddest Cenobite: Don P gives "Butterball" the custom treatment!

I obviously don't know this for sure, but I always assumed that the Cenobite known as Butterball, from the classic Clive Barker franchise Hellraiser, must've been quite sad and picked on a lot… I mean, really, he was a little pudgy and his name was Butterball. So I'm happy to see Don P interpret him as "probably the most scary 'Bot I have ever made!" Created — like yesterday's revealed Pinhead 'Bot — for the previously announced blind boxed custom 'Bot series that Invictus has been organizing: The Cenebots. From everything we can tell, each artist only created one copy of their design for the series, making the number of blind boxes quite low… So good luck snagging your Cenebots on April 20th, 2013 in Invictus's online shop for $75 each; I'll be right there trying with you!

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