Taylored Curiosities x Creo Design's "Giant Monster Embryo" resin figures!

One of the biggest — and I mean literally biggest — releases at the recent ToyConUK was surely the "Giant Monster Embryo" designed by Penny Taylor of Taylored Curiosities and cast in resin by Creo Design. Yes, as you can see above, her normally 1.2-inch tall "Monster Embryo" figure has been given a slight enlargement, transforming it into a 6-inch tall (and 8-inch wide!) "Giant Monster Embryo!" The very first edition of the solid resin creatures — the "Brilliant Blue" edition, reflecting the initial "Monster Embryo" colorway of blue body with black eyes and red umbilical cords — is limited to a mere 10 copies worldwide and each one costs £225 (approx. $342.50). The remainder of the run is now available in the Taylored Curiosities online shop alongside custom "Giant Monster Embryos" by Haus of Boz, UME Toys, Jon-Paul Kaiser, and Nerviswr3k.

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