Kidrobot Dunny 2013 leaked?!?!?!

 photo spankystokes-dunny2013-dunny-2013-kidrobot.jpg
Hey kids, it's that time of the year... the time where the new Dunny series spec sheet finds it's way onto the net as a leaked image just begging to be posted, and it looks like the folks over at DunnyAddicts.com are the culprits as they sent out a press release this past weekend to all major designer toy sites. They did however post a disclaimer saying that "I don't know if this really is the 2013 Dunny Series, but there are some very nice designs in this one! But we can't know for sure until Kidrobot posts something about this!"... but I have a feeling this is the real deal. That being said, the series looks VERY strong and features designs from 14 artists including (top left to right): Okkle, Chairman Ting, Jeremyville, Julie West, Mishka, Jon Paul Kaiser, DGPH, Nathan Jurevicius, Scribe, Sergio Mancini, Scott Tolleson, Ardabus Rubber, Andrew Bell, and not pictured is Cris Rose... some new blood once again in this series, and I am stoked because alot are good friends! It's not quite known when this series is going to drop, but keep your eyes on the KR blog for the official announcement. What do you all think of this series???

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