DMS's ToyConUK Mecha & Amazing Booth Giveaways!

DMS has been working like a machine to create an incredible bounty of exclusives for ToyConUK — like the above pictured "Funcrusher Mecha," which is limited to only five pieces — but little has been said of the stunning giveaways he'll be doing at his Monsters & Mecha Booth! Pictured below, to the left, are five rusted and riveted custom Dudebox Dude figures, each of which will be "available for free in our ToyCon goodie bags." With details still forthcoming on these goodie bags, DMS has also announced his collaboration with Chris "alto" Dobson, the Skelevex, will have only two copies produced in the Envy version (below right)… mounted on a wooden plaque, this piece "will be available as part of a free prize giveaway on the Monsters and Mecha booth." Simply stunning!

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