Daniel Fleres's Nine Unique "Sweet Swanicorn" Paintings!

An amazing array of original 5" x 7" Swanicorn paintings, each inspired by some form of sugary treat, are forthcoming from Daniel Fleres. Oh, what confectionary goodness do you have in store for us, Mr. Fleres? Well, from top left to bottom right in the above picture, we have: Ginger Bread Swanicorn, Chocolate Swanicorn, Candycanicorn, Chocolate Chip Cookiecorn, Strawberry Sundae Swanicorn, Grape Lollipop, Bubblegum Swanicorn, Watermelon Swanicorn, and Cottoncandicorn. And while these deliciously delightful treats might not be edible, but they will certainly brighten up your life… and for only $80 apiece no less! All nine will be available simultaneously on Sunday, May 5th, 2013) at 12 Noon Pacific time in Fleres's web store.

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