Andrew Bell's "Deal Maker" sofubi designer toy from myplasticheart's mphlabs... revealed!!!

 photo dealmaker_andrebell.jpg
The teasers are coming fast and furious as we approach some magical release date for the recently announced "Deal Maker" figure designed by Andrew Bell and cast in sofubi by myplasticheart's mphlabs... and just revealed is the entire piece! Standing about 4″ tall, Andrew Bell's "Deal Maker" is, according to MPH, one of the first sofubi style designer toys to be entirely designed and manufactured in the USA. The first edition, "Smoke+Red", makes its debut in Vienna, Austria this Thursday, April 25th at the Sixxa shop for Andrew's  "Odd Obst" show where Andrew will be signing and doodling. For those who cannot make the trip to Vienna, myplasticheart’s allotment will be available online at myplasticheart.com and in-store on Thursday, May 2nd at 1pm EST and will retail for $35. I like the translucent nature of this piece... especially with the touch of color... really nice and clean!!! Is this sofubi made in the USA going to be a trend that we are going to be seeing more of... I hope so!

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