DeeTen's awesome "The Fib Detector, circa 1886" custom Bad Bad Buddha!

 photo 3186ba74959a11e28c9e22000a9f308e_7.jpg
If you are like me, you are gearing up for WonderCon 2013 tomorrow! That being said, have you mapped out where you are going to go... what booth you are gonna hit up??? I know I will be heading right towards the Beefy & Co.'s booth #1253 to check out the rad Bad Bad Buddha customs, one of which was created by artist DeeTen, "The Fib Detector, circa 1886"! "This curious device was present in almost every law enforcer's arsenal while our expedition traveled through the parallel world. It had the ability to detect if someone was lying. The machine would puff out a plume of smoke from its pipe when a a lie was heard within its relative vicinity. We noted that the machine was not particularly well liked at there was no on or off switch. Once we walked by a rather large and crowded room with its doors open with one of these present and the machine released so much smoke we had to place it into a sound proof box. It should also be noted the machine reacts to the chirping of birds. This was perhaps one of the most trivial gifts we received while touring the 13 great cities." I absolutely love the way this turned out... the transformation from one vinyl figure to another is super drastic, yet you can totally tell what platform it is as the body, for the most part, was kept in tact... great work! DeeTen also mentions that at Beefy & Co.'s booth he will be releasing 5, 3" custom Dunnys as well for $75 each, and he will be available on Saturday at his signing session from 1pm-2pm.

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