Kidrobot's "Post Apocalypse " 3-inch Dunny Series by Huck Gee... revealed!

After our post HERE with some predictions of what we thought would be in this possible upcoming series from Kidrobot and Huck Gee, we thought it would be some time before we saw any, if at all, a reveal of an actual series... but Kidrobot just pulled the curtain back and above is the brand new "Post Apocalypse" 3-inch Dunny Series by Huck Gee!!! The series contains 13 post-apocalyptic designs featuring "zombie hunting ninjas, cyborg geishas, evolved apes, mecha troopers, feral foxes, radiated rhinos, and super fly copter kids"... and they all look quite amazing! One thing I love seeing is the amount of detail on each sculpt along with the crazy amount of accessories... but to be honest, I feel like they aren't showing off everything involved in this series, like they have some surprises still to unveil! Kidrobot mentions that this Post Apocalypse Dunny Series is blind packed and limited edition and will drop on Thursday, February 28 for $9.95 a pop! I know I shouldn't be thinking this... but the amount of rad new sculpts in this series... I gotta think there is a whole new amazing wave of customs to come from this release. Oh... and how about the non-Dunny, Dunny "Hicks" the Rhino making an appearance once again just like he did in the GOLD LIFE series... cool!

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