Thursday, February 7, 2013

Huck Gee x Kidrobot's "Post-Apocalypse" Dunny Series Predictions!

At this point, the previously announced revelation that Huck Gee has designed a complete Dunny series for early 2013 release seems a foregone conclusion… it's being whispered about everywhere and the name "Post-Apocalypse" is fairly solidly attached. In this follow-up to not only Gee's previous "Gold Life" outing but with an obvious nod to the recent "Apocalypse" Dunny series, one can only speculate what Gee and Kidrobot have cooked up for us this time… Or does it?

Based on the "Gold Life" series, designs that Gee had premiered in custom form where then modified for production release. So, with that in mind, we can make some firmly educated guesses as to some designs that might appear in this predicted upcoming artist series:

Neon Dog
I know you're probably thinking that we just saw this design in the Apocalypse series, but I have to believe it is more than a coincidence that this Mad Max inspired piece was released in a custom edition with a yellow mohawk instead of the production's red. And, of course, on a business level it allows Kidrobot to reuse a newly sculpted head and accessories.
Hotaru Copter Squad -
Copter Boy & Copter Girl
Yes, these were originally conceived has part of Gee's Gold Life mythos, but there's something so very Mad Max about the copter packs that I think these have a chance. Obviously, they'd be redesigned from Munnys into Dunnys and their attire might be altered, but the copter pack concept seems solid and they'd be producing the part for two releases in the series instead of just one.
You might be thinking that this one comes out of nowhere, but Kidrobot did create the Hick's head sculpt for the Gold Life Dunny Series… thus I'd be shocked if they didn't want to reuse it. And this futuristic "UTCMC ZOR Dread Squad" version of the Hicks character might be just the perfect match.
CPL R H Thundersticks
If they end up doing the previously mentioned "UTCMC ZOR Dread Squad" Hicks, then I'd imagine they'd use the body sculpt for at least one other release in the line. The picture here is just an example, as Gee has done various characters with similar military body armor concepts.
La Muerte Negro & Los Angeles De La Muerte
Using a similar theory to my copter packs reasoning, one sculpt gives you two colorways. The original customs were cyborg-like humans with removable face masks, though I doubt that will translate down to 3-inch scale well… so I assume they'll simply become robots of some sort if used.
Dr. Dunmore Taggart
Ah, the perfect excuse to dig up the old head sculpt from Frank Kozik's "White Hate" (Series 2) and "Clockwork Orange" (Series 4) Dunnys. Admittedly, you'd have to then use a newly sculpted body…  or you change the body to reflect one of the previously predicted entries and only have to worry about the arms and accessories.
Bruiser & Sgt. Vasquez
Well, this is my dream inclusion… I absolutely adore this design. But, I'll admit, it seems highly unlikely. Unless it were sold separately for a higher price point like the "Kabuki & Kitsune" two-pack from Gold Life. I'd certainly pay $29.99 for a 3-inch Dunny version of this design!

Well, those are my predictions. If and when the proper series is announced, you can all have a good laugh about how terribly wrong all my guesses were.

[Images courtesy of Trampt.]

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