Squink's Micro Munny Artist Series with Resin Cast Parts?!?

Back at the beginning of October 2012, we teased that Squink had sculpted an original 3-inch Dunny head and was resin casting it; in the time since, he's used that base to create a treasure trove of one-off hand-painted custom Dunnys for sale. Now he's created the above pictured immaculate sculpt on a Micro Munny head "for the next resin release," strongly implying that this design will form a brand new resin cast Artist Series from him. What's even more curious, though, is that he's proclaimed that since the head sculpt is complete that the "upper body and shoulders are next." While we obviously can't wait to see this radical reinterpretation of Micro Munny, the best we can hope for is an early 2013 drop of the initial offering(s) in Squink's online shop.

*** UPDATE *** While based on a similar sculpt he did on Micro Munny previously, this is actually a 100% Sculpey original creation that Squink will be resin casting!

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