*REVIEW* Monkey Power Puppets from Hyperactive Monkey.... Hiiiiiiiiyaaaaaaa!!!!

Jerome Lu of Hyperactive Monkey recently released a set of super adorable puppets... yup, you read that right, fabric, squishy, loveable, hand puppets that resemble his awesome Karate choppin characters... and he sent the set down for us to check out, so we decided to throw together this video review for all you folks... and needless to say, they are fantastic. A quick little excerpt from the HM site: "Forged from the cotton fields of Hyperactive Monkeytopia, these Monkey Power Puppets are fun for all ages. Don't let their super soft and cuddly appearance fool you. These hand puppets pack a punch." Pack a punch... indeed they do!
As you can see from the above image, and the video, these puppets are super high quality. The stitching is on point, all the added details like the tail and the fabric clothing is just too cute, and they really fit into the whole realm that Jerome has created. They are available in 2 choices; Shao Lu, the Monkey Kung Fu Student, or Chiba Saru, the Ninja Monkey... both of which arejust $30 each and can be found HERE right now. The only complaint we had (if you can even call it that) is that the puppets do not accommodate for giant HAM sized hands... like the ones I have, but other than that... we recommend picking up the set... these are AWESOME!!!

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