Francesco de Molfetta x FLABSLAB's "Histary" Darth Vader Sphinx!

Let's face it, Star Wars supposedly occurred "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…," so it's not insane to suspect that the inhabitants of that space fairing galaxy might've visited ancient Earth and had some impact; or, at least, that's the supposition you have to make upon seeing this Egyptian style sphinx with Darth Vader's head affixed atop. Designed by Francesco de Molfetta and produced by FLABSLAB, this resin figure is entitled "Histary" and — according to the Italian website Atom Plastic — it will be "about 29 cm long and 21 cm high" (or about 11.5-inches long and 8.25-inches high) with an initial version limited to 50 or 60 pieces that have "rough surfaces like stone." This edition is anticipated to be released in February and will be "followed by other special colors with a polished finish." While no price is currently known, interested parties should contact FLABSLAB at get [dot] flabby [at] flabslab [dot] com to reserve their copy of the piece.

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