Jesse Hernandez x RAJE Toys's "Mecha Azteca" Available Now!

The exceedingly long wait is finally over: the "Mecha Azteca" platform designed by Jesse Hernandez and produced by RAJE Toys has been released. And in three colorways simultaneously no less! As we'd previously mentioned, the 12-inch tall vinyl figure is available in the Regular version (limited to 600 copies) as well as the Shadow and Jungle editions (each limited to 200 copies); though the Shadow version is a 1:4 chase of the Regular edition and can not be bought separately. These are available for purchase now at £80 (approx. $129) each from the RAJE Toys online shop. Though U.S. shoppers might consider grabbing them from the Opportunity LOL online shop at $120 each for the Regular/Shadow edition or $135 each for the Limited Edition Comix exclusive Jungle edition.

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