Luchador de Espacio!!! Por Vida!!!

Do you like Luchadors? Do you like Astronauts?... I know both of those are dumb questions... because of course you do, you're human. That being said, artist Eddie Dobson took the best of both worlds and combined them to create a run of limited edition resin "Luchador de Espacio" figures! This bad boy is up for preorder HERE right now, and only 20 will be available. They will be blind bagged with the following ratios available: 4 "blue/white", 4 "red/yellow", 4 "green/red", 4 "purple/white", and 4 "Mystery" colors!!! Each one come with a LUCHADORES DEL ESPACIO sticker, and a ripped up JaMarcus Russell rookie card! This can be yours for the cool price of $80 a pop!!! If you pull the trigger on these, expect em' to ship out at the end of January.

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