Grimsheep's "Poison Arrow" Dunnys for Red Mutuca's Superish series!

Filled in with super clean swaths of color, these five 3-inch Dunnys are Grimsheep's contibution to the previously announced "Superish" blind boxed custom series organized by Red Mutuca. Grimsheep's piece is named "Poison Arrow" — which evokes the superhero Green Arrow to mind — but has a backstory that sounds more akin to a mash-up of Tarzan and Spider-Man:
Poison Arrow was orphaned as a young boy and raised by frogs in jungles of South America. Due to a prolonged diet of ants and termites, he has developed abilities similar to his adoptive family. He secretes a poison through his skin which allows him to cling to vertical surfaces and his touch causes disorientation and mild paralysis.
These bright, colorful pieces look like they were literally just torn from the pages of a comic book; which, in the end, is the absolute best compliment you can give a superhero themed piece, right?

Superish is a blind boxed custom 3-inch Dunny series that is being organized by the art collective Red Mutuca. Contributors include Sergio Mancini, Igor Ventura, Luihz Unreal [reveal], RunDMB [reveal], Tim Munz, Grimsheep, MAp_MAp [reveal], Matucha [revealed] and special guest Chauskoskis [teaser]. There will only be approximately 35 boxes in the mini series and the (long sold out) pre-order cost $130 per blind box; remaining available blind boxes won't be available until the series is ready to ship (in a month hopefully).

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