Shadoe Delgado's "Jackuhlapin" & "Papa Jackuhlapinalope" Dunnys!

Magnificently re-sculpted vinyl figures with intricate detailing and nuanced grooves… yes, it can only mean new releases from Shadoe Delgado! Delgado's "Jackuhlapin" series of 10 3-inch Dunnys, including one chase variant colorway, are stunning examples of what this man can accomplish in such a tiny space; cram packed with finely executed elements, these $80 apiece figures — of which a couple are still available HERE — were the predecessor of something bigger coming. Oh yes, an 8-inch rendition of the same design! Known as "Papa Jackuhlapinalope," only three copies of this massive version will be carefully crafted… And they are available now from HERE for $300 each.

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