Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chauskoskis's WIP Dunnys for Red Mutuca's Superish series!

Wow, another reveal for the previously announced Superish blind boxed custom series from Red Mutuca! The uber-talented Chauskoskis shares this work-in-progress (WIP) pic of his five re-sculpted 3-inch Dunny pieces… though, unless I'm crazy, in the top right that appears to be a sixth figure's cape flying the opposite direction. Chase variant? Artist Proof (AP)? Time will tell!

Superish is a blind boxed custom 3-inch Dunny series that is being organized by the art collective Red Mutuca. Contributors include Sergio Mancini, Igor Ventura, Luihz Unreal, RunDMB (revealed HERE), Tim Munz, Grimsheep, MAp_MAp and special guest Chauskoskis. There will only be approximately 35 boxes in the mini series and the (long sold out) pre-order cost $130 per blind box; remaining available blind boxes won't be available until the series is ready to ship (in a month or two hopefully).