Blackbook Toys x David Flores x HellFire Canyon Club - "Deathead S'murks" BLACKOUT designer art toy

Kaz of BlackBook Toys is really excited to share with us today the announcement of their original art toy with David Flores "Deathead S'murks"... which by the way debuted at his art show "It's been a minute" in Japan on December 8th! This is also the collaboration with HellFire Canyon Club, the bike club which Danny Boy of House of Pain heads. Originally based on David's art work, BlackBook Toys made this piece "MADE IN JAPAN"... so it has that undeniable high quality. Right now it's up for grabs only at the gallery where David's art show is held.... and for the rest of us, the  online sales will start after his show ends which is on December 20th Midnight sharp (Japan time)! If you are interested in owning this unique figure, customers overseas can order this item by emailing your name, shipping address, and phone number to info@blackbooktoy.com - you will then be contacted with payment and pricing info. More resources can be found HERE.

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