What does the cast of Anchorman and giant man eating Kaiju sharks have in common?!?!?

They both are awesome prints!!! Artist Joshua Budich continues to impress the heck outta us, and just recently he sent word about 2 new pieces he has coming out for 2 different shows. First up is a piece titled "A Bigger Boat" which is for Guzu Gallery's "Kaiju - Strange Beasts" show, opening Friday, November 30! This piece measures 12"x24" and is a 2-colr screenprint limited to only 50 copies. The second piece titled "Anchorman" is for Gallery1988's, Tribute to Judd Apatow show, opening Tuesday, December 4th. This one comes in regular and a glow-in-the-dark variant edition, both measure 18"x24" are limited to 50 and 25 pieces respectively... so rad!!!

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