Orangey Sherbert artist exclusive OMFG! Series 1 "Orange" King Castor... up for grabs!!!

Hey all you OMFG! fans... did you already grab the new 'ORANGE' artist exclusive editions of our "Stroll" and Monsterforge's "Multi-Skull"?!?!? Well, it's now time to snag up Dominic Campisi's rad "King Castor" figure HERE right now!!!! Here are what is being offered: "APKC2 Artist-Proof" a King Castor in bright Orangey Sherbert Color for $6 (3 per customer), "Art-Card APKC2" a King Castor with an original sketched art card, drawn by the artist $12 (1 per customer), as well as "OGKC: The original" the most gangster, the classic muscle-tone King Castor at a price perfect for customizing... order as many as you want, each at $3!!! So head on over HERE now, and pick up some OMFG! goodness!!!

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