PHU!'s "Midnight Phantom" Hell Lotus for Mighty Jaxx show!

The artist known as PHU! has crafted this superb "Hell Lotus" custom "mecha hover cruiser" for Mighty Jaxx's upcoming themed custom show. This piece isn't only immaculately crafted on the outside… the head opens to reveal the "Ghost Pilot" sitting within. A truly stunning piece of art.
"The Hell Lotus Art Show 2012" opens on November 3rd, 2012 at 8PM at Sup Clothing, 34 Haji Lane, Singapore. Participating artists include: Antz, Arkiv, Artmymind, ArtTech, Ben Qwek, Bony, Brent Nolasco, Cable, Chauskoskis, ClogTWO, Daniel Yu, Dave Pressler, DEM, Eeshaun, Hydro74, Inkten, Jaxx, Jeremy Madl, JXL, Kristal Melson, M.Stik, Mamafaka, Mark Nagata, McBess, Meggs, Monster Gallery, OneTwoDelta, PHU!, Luke Chueh, Quiccs, Rage, Ratking, Sheep, SKLO, Spaz, Speak Cryptic, Orkibal, Nataliette, The Yellow Dino, Tiramisuzi, Wanton Doodle and Zero.

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