Designer-Con 2012: "Dust Collectors" booth will add some nostalgia to your collection!!!

Everything old is new again, or at least it might be available for sale at the "Dust Collectors" booth #331 at Designer Con. On November 3, as Designer con mounts the largest gathering of artists and vendors of its kind with all sorts of new and exclusive toys available for sale, one booth will be a treasure trove of toys that were new, and maybe even exclusive, from D-Con's and SDCC's past. Western Vinyl, sofubi, customs by artists like Squidnik and Motorbot, and all manner of other types of toys will be available at the private collection sale being held by Jenny Wolf (wolfchild) from the opening of the con until it’s all gone. You can preview the list of all the items that will be available at the Dust Collectors booth HERE!!! In addition to that list of items, there will also be a selection of random, loose, blind box toys and other minis that will be available at $2 a pop or 3 for $5. And artists, there’s also a box full of a few blank platforms and toys that aren’t in good enough condition to sell for display quality, but would make great bases for customs that will be available as well.

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