Sucklord has two figures dropping next week: Gay Energon & Occupy Cybertron!

It has been announced that the Sucklord will have two releases this upcoming week: the next "Gay Energon" figure and a new "Occupy Cybertron" edition. Following up the recently released SDCC Exclusive "Gay Energon: Roddimus Pride," it appears we'll have a new figure — "Beta Banjee" — based on The Transformers' Shockwave. And the 3.75-inch "Occupy Cybertron" figure will be getting reissued on a red backing board as opposed to the original blue; plus, I'm guessing, the back of the board will be different since the original denoted the End Of Century exhibit it was released during. So while you could just keep checking the Suckadelic store for these to appear, we're confidence that the Sucklord will announce the drop on his Twitter feed when it happens.

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