Shadoe Delgado's "Shadowlapin" Dunnys... multiply!

Shadoe Delgado continues on his, what seems to be mission, of creating a whole new batch of custom figures every week... and above you can see his latest batch of 3" Shadowlapin Dunnys! Coming in all shapes, sizes, and colors, we have "Vexlapin"(red), "Smuglapin"(green), and "Jackuhlapin"(blue). With this newest batch he decided to make Jakuhlapin an edition of ten... so you can all snag one up! Oh, but keep in mind... seeing as these are all hand-made, each one will be unique in it's own way, and 1 of the 10 will be a color variant. They're available HERE now in his online shop for just $60 a pop! He is also sharing with us a recent 8" Dunny comission, dubbed "Rangylapin"... and if you dig what you see, Shadoe still has 3 spaces left on his September commission list before he starts building October's. Any Inquiries can be sent to Shadoedelgado@gmail.com or can be placed through the commission page in his shop HERE.

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