Scott Tolleson's "Agent Argh" & "Agent Rawr" Android series 3 figures revealed!!!

Scott Tolleson just sent over a really cool photo of his design contribution to the latest Android mini-figure series... and what do you know... both of his designs are chases for this series! The "orange" AGENT ARGH version is 1 in every 2 cases, and the "green" AGENT RAWR version is 1 in every 4 cases... so as you can see, these bad boys are will be tough to snag!!! I really like the design on these, and the illustration/printing that the factory pulled off turned out really nice! If you are one of the lucky few to snag one of these, hold onto it... and be on the lookout very soon for Scott to post up his Artist Proof's into his online store... you know those will sell very fast!!!

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