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Mr. Clement's "Please Forget Me" figures... up for pre-order in "White" & "Gray"!!!

We initially saw the release of Mr. Clement's really cool "Please Forget Me" figure in all black at the Toy Art Gallery show last month, and now it appears this figure is getting the colorway treatment... and rightfully so, because it's AWESOME! With the choice of either "White" or "Gray"... this seriously massive piece of vinyl, standing almost 10" tall will be available at most all designer vinyl retailers worldwide very soon! Each figure is limited to 500 pieces and will retail for $95 a pop... and I just can't get over how dope that figure is... love that skull!!! *UPDATE* Yes... we have covered these HERE in the past, and here I thought I was passing along new info... silly me! Either way, it's a rad figure, and it doesn't bother me one bit to have it posted up twice on this site :-) Pick up your own HERE right now!

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