Kidrobot X : 10 Years of Art + Design - featuring new Dunny's and Kidrobot Mascots

We have been teasing this for quite some time now... and just now, Kidrobot announced some really big releases in celebration of their 10 year anniversary! So to kick things off, they plan on dropping 10 special releases including 2 new ‘Bots minis, a 20-inch and two 8-inch Dunnys, plus 5 new tees designed by Paul Budnitz, Tristan Eaton and Frank Kozik. First up is that massive "Gold King" 20-inch Dunny by Tristan Eaton!!! This piece of vinyl sports a colossal Dunny crown and features a beautiful metallic gold finish! This piece, unlike the smaller 8-inch counterparts, does not come with a scepter... but it does comes with a hefty price tag... $400!!! It's limited to 300 pieces worldwide, and will be available October 25 at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com, and select retailers

So now that we have seen the 20-inch... let's talk about the 8-inch version of Tristan Eaton's "Gold King" & "Silver King" Dunny. These designs are based off Tristan's Dunny design from series 1, and it has been refined. This comes with a really cool new crown, and a fantastic looking scepter. Although it's not mentioned on the site, rumor has it that this was an open run, and when retailers were asked to order pieces, that's the quantity Kidrobot made... so the amount ordered determined the run number. That's for the "Gold King"... now the "Silver King" is limited to only 300 pieces and will be released daily at the NYC Kidrobot store in limited supplies throughout the exhibition... yikes! Both these will retail for $50 a pop... a great deal! Makes me wonder how many will be used for customizing since this is the closest thing to a blank Dunny!

Up next is mascot release. First is "Kidrobot X" who features a cool printed on tuxedo shirt, black and white kicks, and a “Mister Universe” sash. This is releasing October 12 at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com, and select retailers worldwide for $14.95 a piece. Also in terms of mini-mascots... KR teamed up with Tristan Eaton to create a "10th Anniversary" edition. This particular figure features a sleek black body with metallic gold details along with the 10th Anniversary logo designed by Tristan. These will be available beginning October 12 at select Kidrobot stores (LA, MIA, SF, LDN, LV, BLDR) and kidrobot.com for $14.95.

Lastly, there will be those cool shirts that you see above from Paul Budnitz, Tristan Eaton and Frank Kozik... all of which will be available in limited amounts at all KR locations. They also plan on hosting a Kidrobot X Anniversary Party and 10-day art toy retrospective on the 2nd floor of the Kidrobot New York location, on October 12th - 22nd. This event will open during NYCC and highlight some of the most iconic art toys they have made in the last decade as well as feature custom 20-inch & 8-inch Dunnys by some of your favorite Dunny designers.

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