Jesse Hernandez's "Jaguar Knight (Shadow Edition)" Color Test Reveal!

As we'd previously revealed, Pobber Toys are gearing up to release a 9-inch tall vinyl rendition of Jesse Hernandez's "Jaguar Knight" design by the end of the year… And while the above might look like a Jon-Paul Kaiser custom of the piece, it'll actually be the newest addition to Hernandez's long-standing "Shadow Edition" tradition. The above is a color test of "Ocelotl Yaotl" — "Jaguar Knight" in the Uto-Aztecan language of Naguatl — which looks especially fierce in the minimal colors, war shield and macahuitl (wooden sword with obsidian spikes) in hand. No word yet of release date, pricing or edition size, but maybe we'll see more at New York Comic-Con

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