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PodgyPanda x Cris Rose's Podgonaut Edition C: Sriracha Sauce?!?

You might recall our original post about the PodgyPanda designed and Cris Rose hand-made resin figure series, which sold out from both almost immediately. PodgyPanda has released the above teaser for Edition C of the Podgonauts, which I'm guessing will be gorgeously painted in hues of red and be called the Sriracha Sauce (the Hot Chili Sauce shown in teaser) edition. With the release of PodgyPanda's newest rendition of the 3-inch figure dropping on September 13th, 2012 and limited to a mere three copies — though there might be one or two customs alongside the release — can it be too far off before Rose announced a new edition of Ramsay pieces (his version of the same figure)? Keep your eye on PodgyPanda's web shop come the 13th, as I expect these figures will be hot, hot, hot…

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