Ferg x Sucklord "Zorcho the Burner" figure for Designer-Con 2012!!!

We'd previously revealed the figure design and backing card art for Ferg's "Zorcho the Burner" interpretation of the Sucklord action figure, but — pictured above — is the full reveal of the actual figure. With his BUD (Blow Up Doll) head and transparent orange body, I love the cool fade of red a the feet and the roach clip arm accessory. This figure will be available as part of "The Super Suck Up!," a themed tribute show to The Sucklord in which 16 artists will re-interpret the iconic Suckadelic pieces; every piece will be limited to 50 copies and the action figures (like this one) will cost $100 each. Where is this happening? Only at the 2012 Designer Con!

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