Chris Ryniak x Ferg's Misfortune Cat NYCC Release for myplasticheart!

I hope that the folks at myplasticheart are prepared for an inundation of the legion of Chris Ryniak and Ferg fans to descend upon them at the 2012 New York Comic-Con (NYCC), assuming it's true… "Assuming what's true?" you ask. Well, Ferg announced that one of the "coming soon" projects he's working on is "NYCC Ryniak Misfortune Cat for MPH," which certainly seems to imply that the Ryniak 4-inch Misfortune Cat design will release at the convention and available at myplasticheart (MPH)'s booth. And while the above picture is of a custom Ryniak designed Misfortune Cat, we do not know for sure what this NYCC Edition will look like…

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