Tony Gil's "Invisible Diamond Ninja" transparent resin Munny!

Tony Gil returns with more of his hand-crafted balancing goodness, this time in the form of the "Invisible Diamond Ninja." Based on his Focus Diamond Ninja stance, which completely re-envisioned the Munny form in the iconic Karate Kid-esqe "Crane" position. This version has been obviously painstakingly cast, sanded and polished out of clear resin and was done by Gil as a one-off experiment. While I know, traditionally, there have been lots of arguments about whether it is okay or not to resin cast Dunnys, Munnys, etc, even if you radically resculpted them; so I'm going to completely skip any sort of ethical and legal commentary on the matter… this was a one-off piece he did for himself as an experiment. And it does look fantastic. Gil does mention that while he didn't intend to sell this piece, he might end up putting it in his shop anyway… so interested parties should keep an eagle eye on Gil's online store.

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