PodgyPanda's "Octavian REALLY Loves Pineapples" custom Kracka Munny!

This custom 4-inch Kracka Munny figure was created by PodgyPanda for the upcoming "Dragons" charity group show. The piece is entitled "Octavian REALLY Loves Pineapples" and, we're told, this is the first time that Mr. Panda has tried his hand at sculpting with milliput… which I think came out quite cleanly, but he insists that his "podgy hands were not built to sculpt, that's for sure!" A wonderful diorama scene made out of watercolor paper finishes the character's story, as it seems poor Octavian "got carried away with omnom'ing his pineapple friends." And while the custom is certainly cute, it's the addition of the pineapple friends that really makes this piece work for me!
"Dragons" will have a launch party on August 18th from 6PM to 7PM at The SHO Gallery, The Coach House, 1A Inverness Place, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 4RU, UK. After the launch, all the pieces will be placed up for seven day auction on eBay, with all proceeds being donated to DiabetesUK.
Participating artists include: A Little Stranger, Alto, Blue-Frog, Cheo, Cris Rose, David Stevenson, DMS & Neese, Dr Barbados, Emily Bee, Fark-Fk, Felt Mistress, Flatties, Graffiti Life, Hoakser, Inkbotz, Jim Freckingham, Jonathan E, Jon-Paul Kaiser, KeziArt, Lex, Lisa Rae Hansen, Lunabee, Map Map, Mark James, Mark Treharne, Matt JOnes, Mike Strick, Mimic, Michal Miszta, Mr Lister, Pete Fowler, PJ Constable, Planet Domu, Run DMB, Sneaky Raccoon, Squink, Stae, Stu Witter, Taylored Curiosities, TMH, Triclops Studios, UME Toys, Uncle Absinthe, Zombiekel, Zro Toys, and Zukaty.

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