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PJ Constable's Adventure Time WIP custom "Fionna" Dunny is coming along!

As we'd previously reported, UK artist PJ Constable was inspired when he saw Squink's "Finn" 3-inch custom Dunny… so inspired that Constable decided to take a crack at making a "Fionna" 3-inch custom Dunny, the gender-reversed version of Adventure Time's Finn from the episode "Fionna and Cake." Constable really undertook this fully, re-sculpting so many elements to make the whole. And, from what we're told, those tiny sculpted feet are able to support and balance the entire piece… Obviously still a work-in-progress, it seems like Constable has finished the amazing base for his custom and is getting ready to apply some coloration. Constable also notes that he'd really like to make Cake the Cat, Fionna's friend and companion, to accompany this piece. Needless to say, we're very excited to see the end result!

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