The 3-Inch "Shah Mat Royalty" custom Dunny series from Otto Bjornik... is really impressive!

Otto Bjornik is at it again with another release featuring his superior craftsmanshipwhen it comes to custom vinyl figures... oh, and these might look very similar to somthing you have seen in the past from him. That's because this 3"custom Dunny series dubbed the "Shah Mat Royalty" is the mini version of the 9" Dunny, that we covered HERE, he released two months ago. Each character is limited to five pieces and will be the very last of its kind. These will be priced at $100 each, and are only available for purchase as sets or pairs. Anything left will be sold individually in his store HERE in September. Anyone interested can get in touch with him right now via email, ottobjornik@gmail.com... so if you like what you see, and you want a set, contact him asap!

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