Squink & Plaseebo's custom UglyDolls for the Giant Robot Biennale 3!

As part of the "Giant Robot Biennale 3," the Eric Nakamura curated "Project Remix" — which asked customizers to use David "UglyDolls" Horvath designed vinyl figures as a base — will be displayed. While those who attended San Diego Comic-Con were treated to a small showing of this concept, this version of the exhibition will include over 80 artists in total. Pictured on top is Squink's work-in-progress contribution to the show and, below that, is Bob "Plaseebo" Conge's glow-in-the-dark pieces.

The "Giant Robot Biennale 3" opens on September 22nd and runs through January 20th, 2013 at the Japanese American National Museum, 369 East First St., Los Angeles, CA 90012. Featured exhibition artists are: Rob Sato, Deth P. Sun, Ako Castuera, Eishi Takaoka, Saelee Oh, Sean Chao, Albert Reyes, and Zach Gage. Also on display is the Project Remix custom vinyl show with over 80 artists from seven countries.

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