Shinbone Creative vs. Stroll... part 2

As per our previous post HERE, we continue today showing off the creative process of what it takes to get your idea/sketch fully realized from concept to completion. Above is a revised 3D render of the SpankyStokes.com "Stroll" mascot that Scott W. over at Shinbone Creative put together based on the input I gave him. If you click HERE, you will see a massive improvement from the first render... longer legs, a much larger lower half, arms were tucked in more at the elbows, the horns were shortened... pretty much nailed what I had asked for. Now after seeing the figure, I did ask for a few more changes, minor tweaks if you will... and with those, I will put up a post tomorrow showing off the close to final massing model... then after that is good, we move onto the texture/detail aspect of the figure.... where it really comes to life. If you are looking to get a figure created and fully realized... Shinbone Creative is your ticket, hit them up! More on the progress of our "Stroll" very soon!

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