Shez's custom "Tiger Raffy P40" Munny Fighter Plane!

Poor Raffy is probably one of the most underused of the Munnyworld designs, which — I think — it too bad; lots of creativity to be had with the four-legged figure. So it makes me happy that Shez took on the platform, manipulating the design with sculpey and foam spray, creating a wonderfully stylized version of a classic Tigershark Fighter Plane. Lots of solid paint work in acrylics too, especially the emblems on the wings, the "face," and those kill marks on the rear; gotta say, though, that the stripes on the horns look uneven to me… could be an illusion of the angle or intentional, but it throws me off. Possibly the coolest part of this design, though, is that the propellor actually spins (see the video below)! Shez says it will be available for sale in his online store later this afternoon/tonight, but there's no indication of exact time or price.

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