Josh Mayhem's "G.I. Jonez" custom Dunny for Munky King show!

Customized for the "Memories Are Made Of This" group art show, Josh Mayhem's "G.I. Jonez" Dunny features his typical super clean paintjob and carries an assortment of the weaponry accessories. As per the artist:
Since the theme for this show is based on childhood memories the first, and obvious thing that popped into my head was to create a piece paying homage to my favorite toy growing up - G.I. Joes. In fact I cherished my G.I. Joes so much that I still have about 200 of them on display right along side my designer toys. It is from this collection that you'll find weapons and accessories adorned on nearly every custom toy I do. G.I. Jonez is decorated with 100% G.I. Joe weapons and accessories from both the 1/16th and 4 inch versions. I really enjoyed creating this piece because my action figures have always been a huge inspiration for my custom toy art. I can think of no better way of showing my respect to the art of both action figures and designer toys by combining a Munny, one of the most popular platform toys, and G.I. Joes, one of the most popular action figures.
"Memories Are Made Of This" opens tonight (August 18th, 2012) with a reception from 4-8PM. It doubles as a 13th Birthday celebration for Super Cooper Berella and a final "Hurrah!" for Munky King before they close their Melrose location at the end of the month.

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