Artmymind have a new custom coming… But you'll have to hunt for information on it!

The top-notch duo of Artmymind have announced that they have "a very special release" arriving in their online store on August 21st, 2012, but those keen to learn more can find "clues and infos" on their social sites. Ohhhh, a scavenger hunt of hints; I like this concept. For those interested in playing along, they primarily use Twitter and Facebook, but they do also have a Tumblr blog, a Flickr feed, a Google+ account and a Bēhance project folder… which includes a currently empty sub-category entitled Work in Progress. In addition to any tidbits you may be able to scour, the above image was entitled "Armor_1.JPG," which confirms it's some form of plated protection, and it included the following quote (reproduced verbatim): "An evil force is approching... They are our last stand, "

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