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Brutherford's "Toxic Taste Ice Scream Man" exclusive for 3DRetro!

Imagine a dairy farm located near the Three Mile Island power plant in Pennsylvania, nuclear spillage slowly contaminating the cows. Now pretend that the milk from those said cows was turned into ice cream… a "Toxic Taste," if you would. Oh yes, those delicious scoops would surely glow-in-the-dark. That was possibly the theory behind Brutherford Industries newest edition, the "Ice Scream Man: Toxic Taste" made exclusively for 3DRetro. This dual pack — containing a full-size and mini Ice Scream Man — are rotocast in a sickeningly beautiful green that indeed glows-in-the-dark! Packaged in a glowing box as well, these signed and numbered pieces are limited to a mere 25 copies worldwide… making the retail price of $84.95 seem like a steal. Available now in the 3DRetro online shop.

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