Another Buff Monster x Oliver Hibert painting for the "Vivid Visions" group show!

The above painting is the second collaboration between Buff Monster and Oliver Hibert for the Hibert curated "Vivid Visions" group show at the Compound Gallery (the first painting was shown off HERE). This is less the seamless mixture of styles that the first was, but seeing the iconic "Melty Misfit" design held aloft by two of Hibert's disturbingly cute cartoonish beauties is wonderful nonetheless.

"Vivid Visions" runs through September 2nd at the Compound Gallery, 107 NW 5th Ave, Portland, OR 97209.
Participating Artists Include: Arbito, Buff Monster, Grant Wiggins, Martin Ontiveros, Pinky, Oliver Hibert, and Spencer Hibert.

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