tBRWD's monstrously cute plush critters are on sale to celebrate launch!

Brandon R. Wagner has opened a new plush toy company entitled tBRWD (the Brandon Ro Wagner Designs), focused on creating monstrously cute critters. The newly opened store needs to generate some quick cash to, basically, pay for itself… so Wagner is giving a fantastic deal: his trio of creatures will normally retail for $40 each but, until the end of September, he's only asking $25 each. That's right, you can bring home Grim the Reaper, Clarissa the Monster or George the Yeti for next to nothing. Each 18.5-inch tall plush is made from fake fur and Grade A polyfil, ensuring they are all soft and furry. Plus each one also comes with a matching character button and the tBRWD button. So head on over to tBRWD's online shop and grab your fill of cuteness…

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