JFury's custom Chuckboy Dunny is a cyborg, chainsaw-wielding clown!

After a bevy of more tribal themed custom pieces, JFury returns to the clown design that made him famous… or, at least, he does so at the behest of a collector who commissioned him. The above piece, a customization of the ever-fun-to-play-with Chuckboy 3-inch Dunny, has a wonderfully sculpted chainsaw hand on his cyborg half as well as a sculpted balloon for the second ear. Overall, it looks fantastic, though there is something "off" about the skull on his chest… maybe if it was outlined in black it would gel better? I'm not sure, but it doesn't seem to fit quite right to my eye. We're hearing that JFury will be doing a custom Dunny series in the near future, but you should still feel free to contact him about commissioning a piece of your own!

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